Founded in 1999 to offer struggling non-profits a bit of shelter from the storm. The Non Profit Umbrella designs and hosts web sites for those sites fighting to keep their heads above water. We offer this service so non-profits can concentrate on their work.

Whether building community or opening doors for the disadvantaged, the non-profits offer a beacon to us all. Together with their volunteers they strengthen the world. Where would we be if people were not willing to make substantial investments in both time and money to help others?

Before you sign a check to the usual national non-profit, think for a minute about your local organizations. Take a moment to stop in see all they accomplish without big staffs and big money. Day in and day out these organizations do amazing hands on work and do it with out much in the way of resources. Maybe this year your money and best wishes will go local.

Sure, large bureacratic national and international organizations do good work and accomplish much. Not for a moment do we suggest you not support the good ones. We emphasize the small and local non-profits that do their work with little or no recognition. These are the groups working out of run down buildings in the center of your town. These are the groups working long hours in the sparsely populated countryside. Places where most won’t go and few will stay to help.

In the trenches these groups mend people’s hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. They do the work that does not lend itself to those wonderful glossy photos you find in brochures from large non-profits.

This year we are asking you to think local. This year take a look out your car window as you cruise that rural highway or drive past the apartments downtown. See the local people you may have missed in your hurry to accomplish your life. This year think trenches. This year think one person at a time.