Welcome to the NonProfit Umbrella. A web design and hosting resource for small nonprofits and community groups.

Resources can be scarce for small groups.It doesn’t matter if it is a homeless shelter or the local theater group. If you don’t have lots of money and glossy brochures then getting your message out can be hard. There are millions of web sites looking to be noticed. So it is important to put the resources you do have into a coherent strategy. Above all know what you are trying to say before you embark on the web building journey.

Here at the Nonprofit Umbrella we aim to take some of that pressure off small groups that operate in communities.We can help you define your strategy and aid in building that map that presents your organization in the best light. We are offering a bit of shelter from the storm so to speak.

Here you will find some helpful tips for starting the web site building process. We have added headlines from around the world dealing with charities, technology and the job market. It is our hope you will use these to better help you understand the web and your place in it.

You always hear the sky is the limit or the only limit is your imagination. Here at the NonProfit Umbrella we think the web offers tools and ideas that will help your organization soar beyond all limits, real or imagined.

After spending some time looking at our site and thinking about what your community group or nonprofit can bring to the web, drop us a note and lets talk.